Lithophane Makers

Turn your pictures into 3D stl files of lamp lithophanes, flat lithophanes, night light lithophanes, and more by using the lithophane makers below. Learn more about how to use by watching my YouTube tutorials. Click on a lithophane picture or title to go to the tool that created that lithophane. Instructions on how to use the lithophane makers are on their page, and general instructions on how to 3D print a lithophane are on the 3D Printing page. Give me feedback by joining the Lithophane Maker User's group on Facebook.

Color Lithophane Maker

images/Color Lithophane Picture.png

This lithophane tool turns a picture into a the stl files you need to print a color lithophane.

Lithophane Lamp Maker

images/Lithophane Lamp Schematic.JPG

Turn up to four pictures into a lithophane lamp model using this tool. The tool provides an interface that will work will most lamps. A cutout cylinder with a ledge makes it possible to put the lamp lithophane directly over the lamp's light socket and underneath the light. The default settings work for a lamp that I have at my own house, but I suggest you measure the light bulb socket that you're going to put the lithophane lamp over.

Lithophane Light Box Maker

images/Lithophane Light Box Schematic.jpg

Turn your photos into a lithophane light box. The lithophane light box was designed to easily take light sockets like the ones you can find here. You can design a customized lithophane light box and crop your photos in just a few minutes using this tool.

Night Light Lithophane Maker

images/Night Light Lithophane.JPG

Click the picture above to access the night light lithophane maker. The default settings for the night light lithophane make the lithophane with night lights can be bought here. This webtool gives you the ability to design the night light lithophane to be able to interface with almost any night light!

Flat Lithophane Maker

images/Lithophane Frame.JPG

Turn a photo into a hangable flat lithophane stl with this tool. This tool automatically surrounds the lithophane with a frame and some holes for hanging the lithophane. Some twine and suction cups can be used to attach the lithophane to a window, and pretty much any will work. We used this twine and these suction cups.

Lithophane Globe Maker

images/Spherical Lithophane Example.JPG

Design a spherical lithophane with an optional lunar background. The lithophane interfaces with a light bulb through a cylindrical base, and can have a hole at the other end if desired. You can select the aspect ratio of your picture and crop it in this tool as well.

Curved Lithophane Maker

images/Curved Lithophane.jpg

This lithophane design tool creates curved lithophanes or completely round votive lithophanes. You can adjust the dimensions of the lithophane that are shown in the picture to get exactly what you want.

Ceiling Fan Lithophane Maker


This image to stl generator turns pictures into a ceiling fan lithophane. You can turn up to four pictures into a cylindrical lithophane that has hooks that fit into a circular lithophane that is also designed here. The circular lithophane has 1 or 2 holes that allow you to attach to the ceiling fan's pull string fixture.

Circular Lithophane Maker

images/Lithophane Tag.jpg

This tool with crop an image into a circle and create a flat 3d stl from your photo. The 3d model can have a positive or negative image, so that you can make a lithophane or inverse with this tool. The 3d model is designed to be printed horizontally, and the model comes with a hole for attaching it to a string, hook, collar, or whatever you have in mind!

Lithophane Maker Instructions and Updates

I have many YouTube videos that will share with you the basics of using and 3D printing lithophanes. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and watch the videos to get ideas on how for cool lithophanes you can make!
Join the community on facebook on the User's Group to ask questions and collaborate on the best practices for making lithophanes!