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Circular Lithophane Maker

Turn a photo into a circular lithophane stl by changing the values below and watching how the lithophane design changes under "Your Design". Use the "Select Circle to Crop" section to select the portion of the image that you will crop with a circle. Use the design schematic to see how to design your circular lithophane.

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First, upload an image at the very top of the page. Uploading your photo will place your photo into the "Select Circle to Crop" section. If you want a lithophane, then set the Positive or Negative Image? value to Negative. If you want the dark parts of your photo to recede and be darkened by shadow, then select Positive. The Lithophane Resolution is the distance (in mm) between unique thicknesses on your final lithophane surface. The Radius you set is the radius of the lithophane image circle (not the outer radius of the whole model). The Frame Width sets the radial thickness of the frame. Thus, the outer radius of the whole model is the Radius plus the Frame Width. The Frame Height determines the thickness of the frame in the direction perpendicular to the circle's plane. The Hoop Width sets distance between the frame and the hole as well as the distance across the hoop. The Hole Diameter sets the diameter of the hole on the hoop which you may pass string, a paperclip, or a hook through. The Max Thickness and Min Thickness set the maximum and minimum thickness of the image portion of the model which affects a lithophane's brightness and contrast. You can see how these variables affect the design by looking at the canvas labelled "Your Design."
The next section (below "Select Circle to Crop" deals with cropping your image. Use the Circle Center in x and Circle Center in y values to position the cropping circle. Adjust the Circle Scale to control how large of a circle to crop. The Circle Scale cannot exceed 0.99, because the cropping section of the code could fail if you get too close to the edge. Make sure that the cropping circle does not go outside of the image. If it does, the lithophane creation tool could fail.

I hope you enjoy this tool. If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask the Lithophane Maker User's group on Facebook, and if you don't get an answer there then email me at [email protected]. Enjoy!

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If you're running into trouble, join the Lithophane Maker User's group on Facebook to ask questions, or email me at [email protected].
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