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How you may use our services

You may sell lithophanes made with this service without paying us anything as long as you follow copyright laws. To support the service, become a patron, link to LithophaneMaker.com when you show others your lithophanes, and buy through our affiliate links. We expressly prohibit the creation of pornographic material with our services, and you must comply with all copyright laws when using our services.

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Your email will never be sold or bartered to any third party. Your pictures are only used to create your lithophane, and then they are immediately deleted from the server (if their upload was ever required). By using this service, you are signing up to a monthly mailing list which focuses on changes and improvements to the website and informative videos.
We take technical and organizational precautions to protect all information that you give to the server, but it is impossible to perfectly safeguard from hackers and we have very limited resources, so use this service at your own risk, and by using this service you are accepting all risk to any personal information that you give to the server.