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Design Night Light Lithophane

Input dimensions to change the night light design. The default design is compatible with the night light that can be purchased here.

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Lithophane Resolution (mm/pixel):

Slot Diameter (mm):

Adapter Thickness (mm):

Image Arc Angle (deg):

Center of Curvature Shift (mm):

Lithophane Height (mm):

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Change the values in the forms above to change your night light lithophane design! When you change values, the image under "your design" will change to show you how the new night light lithophane looks. Changing lithophane resolution does not change the image of your design, but does change the lithophane that is generated by the tool. The lithophane resolution value determines the distance between unique thickness values, so a value of 0.3 would mean that there are 0.3mm between features on your lithophane image.