We are proud to have partners from all across the 3D printing industry. Our partners provide a wide array of services, but all of them want to 3D print lithophanes for you. You can find out more about them below, or by following the link to their website.

Denver 3D Printing is located near Denver, Colorado. They provide 3D printing and industrial design services, and can also make lithophanes so feel free to ask for a quote.

Dusty's Corner specializes in sculpting and miniatures, but can crank out some lithophanes too if you ask! They are located in London, UK.

3DConceptsLLC makes cool glow in the dark skulls and useful pencil holders. They also make lithophanes. They are located in Indiana. Check them out them out for yourself!

USA Ohm Meters is a Florida based company which created custom 3D printed tools for the Electronic Cigarette (Vaping) Industry. They also operate a 3D print farm of 16 printers (up to 500mmX500mmX500mm) to assist in requested 3D prints and over 20yrs of design experience; feel free to use their Contact Us page for custom design/print requests. They can be found at or on Instagram at @usaohmmeters

Brod 2000 is a Crotian partner that produces maritine vessels and equipment for vessels. They can make lithophanes as well and are interested in earning your business!

Huntsville 3D Printing is a 3D printing shop located in Huntsville, Alabama. They specialize in 3D printing components for the local aerospace industry and maintain the very high quality standards of that industry. Ask them for a quote to have your lithophane made!

3D Print Everything takes quotes on just about anything. All you have to do is send them a .stl file. Fortunately, we can make one of those for you here! 3DPrintEverything is located in Texas.

CG Design's mission is to make customized creations that fit your unique needs. Whether it’s a nightlight that illuminates a cherished moment; a beautiful piece of wood furniture, certain to become a family heirloom; or enabling the lives of children through prosthetic arms. They use a comprehensive combination of wood working, 3D printing, CNC routing/engraving, and metal working to ensure they meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

B3DCustoms has an etsy store that makes masks, hats, helmets and all sorts of cosplay gear. They can make lithophanes too and have a five star rating! They are located in Utah.

Core3D designs custom, open source, high quality printers and shares them with the community for free! The designs include three cartesians and a delta. Check them out today!

Navarre 3D Printing prints collectables like decorations, pet miniatures, and (of course) lithophanes! They are located in Navarre, Florida.

Threed impresion 3D designs and prints components, but also sells 3D printing consumables replacement parts. Simply upload the stl file that you create with this website to Threed's automatic 3D printing cost calculator to instantly recieve a quote. They are located in Mexico.

Contact Miran Turk through his etsy to get an estimate of the cost to get your lithophane made today. You can see a night light lithophane (that he made using this tool) here. He is located in Slovenia.